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Track and Monitor your Assets

Netpro GPS Solutions offers tracking of mobile assets and sensors in real time in a web and mobile app. Live and history view of entire fleet gives full control over the fleet and brings efficiency in fleet management.

  • Real time movement display of mobile assets and sensors
  • Easy access of assets and mobile resources in a google live map
  • Display nearby assets to a point of interest
  • History tracking of mobile assets
  • Detailed and Clustered view of vehicles on Google maps
  • Clustered and Detailed view of mobile/non mobile sensors

What is asset tracking?

Asset tracking referred to as asset management, is the method used to track physical assets with the use of GPS (Global positioning system ) to broadcast their location. It is just as important as managing inventory, because location, status, maintenance schedule, and other important information about physical assets are really important for any businesses . The main purpose of asset tracking is to save money and to handle the asset efficiently. The data which are collected from asset tracking is help to make right decision, prevent losses, and maximize asset utilization rates.

How to track asset?

The most efficient way to track your assets is by using an asset tracking software. Netpro GPS Solutions is the best asset tracking software which is available on Web and also as a mobile app, Download Netpro GPS Solutions Mobile application from Google play and App Store. Netpro GPS Solutions app will help track your mobile/non mobile assets 24×7 wherever in the world.

Advantage of Asset Tracking Software

Highlight some of the benefits of using asset tracking here:

  • Locate your asset easily and quickly real time anywhere in the world.
  • Reduce costs and time consumed.
  • Track your asset with the help of fewer resources.
  • Prevents loss of asset (easily find out misplaced important assets).
  • Less risk for larger businesses.
  • Improved ability to manage asset customer service.
  • Increased accuracy and real time reports on the asset position.

Find Out Where, Who, and When

Tracking asset is a difficult task for many businesses but with help of Netpro GPS Solutions asset tracking software you can easily track and maintain asset. We provide the Live and History view of entire asset (fleet) giving full control over the asset and improved efficiency in asset management.