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Heavy Equipment GPS Solutions

NETPRO GPS Solutions enable complete tracking, monitoring and control of assets in the world’s most remote areas. Enable intelligent management that strengthens competitive advantage and profitability. Get more from your heavy equipment fleet with complete fleet visibility, enhanced operational efficiency and improved maintenance practices for any machine in your fleet.

Optimize Asset Utilization

  • Accurately track engine hours, idling hours, working hours, travelling hours
  • Monitor fuel level, fuel consumption
  • Help prevent unauthorized use and theft
  • Receive sensor alerts and fault codes

Take Maintenance to the Next Level

  • Use data analytics and predictive maintenance to optimize maintenance schedules
  • Avoid breakdowns and reduce unplanned downtime and increase machine life.
  • Increase machine life of heavy equipment assets.

Gain Complete Fleet Visibility

  • Track heavy equipment with real-time position location reports
  • Find lost equipment and track stolen assets
  • Use geofences and enhance operator safety

Enhance Operational Efficiency

  • Optimize billing practices
  • Increase return on investment
  • Lower equipment lifecycle cost with real-time data