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Eco-driving benefits include

Unpredictable oil prices and regulations on carbon emissions are putting pressure on road haulage companies to reduce fuel consumption.
Increasingly customers and corporate clients are asking to see the environmental records of a company. If operators fail to become more efficient and environmentally responsible they risk losing business.

  • Savings in fuel and fleet maintenance
  • Lower carbon emissions
  • Reduced risks and accidents
  • Improved driver performance and awareness

What is Eco Driving ?

ECO driving refers to “economical, ecological and safe” driving. The concept has gained in popularity in the transport industry over the past few years. Netpro GPS Solutions offer increasingly better insight into driver’s driving style and fuel consumption. By analyzing the driving behavior, carriers can significantly optimize the driving style, thus reducing fuel consumption, CO2 emissions, maintenance costs, instances of damage and accidents. ECO SCORE is an index that shows to what extent the driver adheres to the ECO driving principles and, consequently, how (energy-)efficient his driving behavior is.

Economical and ecological advantages of eco driving

Based on the incoming data on braking behavior, speed, number of revolutions (rpm), emergency stops, gear changes, stopping or not stopping the engine when stationary, etc., for each and every driver, carriers can continually evaluate their team and coach them to drive more economically and fuel-efficiently – in line with the ECO driving principles. ECO driving helps transport companies save thousands of euros on fuel every year, per truck, while reducing the emission of CO2 and other hazardous gases.

Moreover, anticipating driving behavior lowers the accident risk which, in turn, helps carriers save on insurance taxes and maintenance costs. ECO driving further enhances road safety and helps carriers reduce damage to their fleet.


Drivers who follow the rules of ECO driving, testify that they’re driving more comfortably and relaxed. This will positively impact their motivation while, in fact, they do not drive slower than other drivers. Last but not least, ECO driving positively impacts a carrier’s image: stakeholders and the general public appreciate a sustainable approach.


The ECO SCORE indicates to what extent drivers are adopting the principles of ECO driving, i.e. how economical, ecological and safe their driving behaviour is. Training, coaching and permanent monitoring will help drivers improve their ECO SCORE.


Speeding is #1 road violation in any country causing heaps of speeding fines and tickets, which negatively reflects on your budget.

Harsh Driving

Harsh acceleration, harsh braking and harsh cornering can lead to deadly road accidents with multiple victims.

Excessive Idling

Everyday millions of cars and trucks idle needlessly, affecting fuel economy, engine lifetime and releasing as much pollution as a moving car.