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Manage Storage, Consumption, and distribution of Fuel

Fuel is one of the largest operating expenses public factors for fleets. Effective fuel management can help reduce costs and improve efficiency.

  • Better security and more Control
  • Real time data management
  • Error-free & easy record keeping
  • Reduce fuel theft

Netpro GPS SOLUTONS, Our software allows easy access of fuel transactions along with reports to reduce fleet manager time and help determine the efficiency and usage of your fleet.

Benefits of Fuel Management

  • Performance efficiency tracking.
  • Report misuse through purchase alerts and exception reports.
  • Online access to view transactions and prevent unauthorized use.

Accurate reports can be generated to measure fuel refills against consumption for any particular journey. This allows our customers to readily compare consumption vs travel distance at any point of time to ascertain if there is any sudden drop in fuel level which doesn’t correspond to the distance traversed between two points. Thus, allowing the fleet operator to detect fuel threat effortlessly.