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Predictive Maintenance Tracking Engine

Capturing current and historical data to facilitate accurate planning & forecasting of asset maintenance. Trend analysis on recent & seasonal maintenance details will help in saving 15 to 20% in costs.

  • Predictive algorithms for maintenance
  • Diagnostic codes for Proactive reporting
  • Predictive Route analysis & Traffic management

What is Predictive Maintenance?

Predictive maintenance is one of the most required tool for a fleet manager to proactively handle the fleet maintenance. It helps businesses to save capital operational losses. Netpro GPS SOLUTIONS predictive maintenance algorithms can help business run an efficient and healthy fleet.

How predictive maintenance can help to improve fleet maintenance

It’s a risk assessment tool that used in many major industries. The major point of Predictive analysis of fleets can save a life. This can prevent you from accident and save drive’s life. Fleet has multiple functionalities, based on those functionalities different multiple data are collected through the GPS Device. Gathered telematics data tell us about the possibilities of loss and give insight for how to avoid them. If any problem rises in the vehicle then alert will generate on the system, with the help of alert we can prevent the vehicle through predictive maintenance.

Importance of predictive analysis

Data plays an important part in making good decision in business. Predictive analysis totally works on data. Netpro GPS SOLUTIONS intelligent algorithms helps analyze the large telematics data which helps business to take proactive maintenance approach which interim help improve the upkeep of the fleet.
Predictive Data analysis is mainly used for decreasing risks related to Equipment usage, productivity schedules, and Future maintenance schedules.
Using predictive analytics and machine learning in Netpro GPS SOLUTIONS to improve the decision making process can benefit every area from safety to productivity and save a lot of money for your business.